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Korea Securities Depository

Postal address BIFC, 40 Munhyeongeumyung-ro Nam-gu, Busan, 608-828
Tel. 82-51-519-1823
Fax +82 51 519 1619

KSD was established in December 6, 1974 under the Securities and Exchange Act (later consolidated into the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act).

Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act

Article 294 (Establishment) (1) The Korea Securities Depository shall be established in order to promote a centralized deposit of securities, etc. (referring to securities and others prescribed by Presidential Decree; hereafter in this Chapter, the same shall apply), transfer of securities between accounts, and settlement subsequent to transactions and smooth circulation. 

Name: Myongho Rhee

Current position: Chairman & CEO Korea Securities Depository

He began his career in public office at the Ministry of Finance, and went on to hold key positions in the Financial Services Commission, including Director General of Financial & Corporate Restructuring Policy Bureau and Director of Asset Management Division, Capital Markets Division, and General Administration Division. In addition to his extensive financial policy experience in the Korean government, he also served as the Minister and Consul General of the Korean Embassy in Indonesia from 2015 to 2018. Prior to assuming the chairmanship of KSD, he served as Chief Counsel of the Policy Committee for the Democratic Party of Korea. Mr. RHEE received a B.A. in Civil Law from Seoul National University, and holds an LL.M. from Columbia University School of Law.


Ratio (%)

Korea Exchange




Yuhwa Securities


NH Investment & Securities


Other (53 shareholders)


Functions provided under Capital Markets Act:

  • Deposit of securities
  • Book-entry transfer of securities
  • Settlement of transactions on the securities exchange
  • Settlement of transactions of over-the-counter transactions
  • Cross-border deposit and settlement
  • Transfer agent
  • Separate safe custody of securities


Function provided under other laws:

  • Registrar of public and corporate bonds
  • Tax withholding for securities transactions tax and special tax for rural development


Functions provided under Articles of Incorporation:

  • Collateral management for OTC derivatives transactions
  • Gold and precious metals deposit for futures and options transactions
  • Intermediation of securities lending and borrowing transactions
  • Management of secured call loan transactions
  • Provision of securities information
  • Repurchase agreement (repo) agent
  • Administration of securities certificate forms
  • Management of substitute securities for futures and options transactions

Membership in international associations

  • Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG)
  • Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD)
  • World Forum of CSDs (WFC)
  • International Securities Services Association (ISSA)