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Chairman’s Message

Dear Esteemed Members of AECSD;

It is with great honor and a deep sense of responsibility that I address you as the Chairman of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD). I am fully committed to enhancing collaboration among our Eurasian member institutions and wish to express my gratitude to all member CSDs of AECSD and esteemed colleagues of the Secretariat for their support and dedication.

The support and insights of our member CSDs are vital to our collective journey. The gatherings and joint efforts of Eurasian CSDs will be pivotal in fostering cooperation, facilitating dialogue, and sharing knowledge among regional CSDs and market participants.

Türkiye and the Eurasian countries share a bond of sincerity, pride, and goodwill, rooted in our shared historical and cultural heritage. During my tenure as Chairman, I am dedicated to strengthening the cooperation between our institutions and to deepening our connections in areas of mutual interest, which includes establishing mutual memberships and facilitating account openings.

In this respect, our intention is to work on joint projects and develop differentiated services customized for domestic and international markets. Therefore, as Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu A.Ş. (MKK/Central Securities Depository & Trade Repository of Türkiye) we are more than ready to encourage and support any new business development idea, plan or initiative that will require joint efforts of our teams.

I would like to highlight that we are deeply honored to host the forthcoming AECSD Conference and General Meeting in Istanbul in 2024.  We look forward with great enthusiasm the presence of the esteemed representatives from member institutions and the AECSD Secretariat and hope to make it another landmark event in AECSD’s history with collective endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Ekrem ARIKAN

Chairman of AECSD, CEO and Board Member of MKK

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