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State Enterprise “Central Securities Depository”

Postal address 3d floor, 107, Mustakillik avenue, Mirzo –Ulugbek district, Tashkent, 100170, Uzbekistan
Tel. (998 71) 267-37-42, (998 71) 267-36-42
Fax (998 71) 233-13-57

Foundation date 19 October 1999

Decree of the Ministry of Republic of Uzbekistan No. 263 "On issues of organization and activities of the Central Securities Depository", dated 21.05.1999

  • Law "On arrangements of securities market functioning No. 218-I", dated 25.04.1996
  • Law "On depository activities on securities market No. 672-1", dated 29.08.1998
  • Decree "On requirements for depository activities No. 809", dated 31.08.1999
Abdujabbarov Sheraly Yangibaevich
General director
Born 22.05.1966
Graduated from Samarkand Agricultural University and President’s Academy of the State building of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
1989 – Bookkeeper. 
1995 – 1997 – head of auction department, head accountant of the Samarkand immovable property filial.
1997 – 2001 –Vice-head of accountant, head accountant of central department of republican immovable property exchange.
2001 – 2006 –Vice-head of department, head of finance department of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2006 – to present – General director of the State enterprise Central securities depository
Married, has a son and a daughter

100% - State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  1. safekeeping of registered securities issues;
  2. safekeeping, register maintenance of holders of securities, issued and owned by privatization investment funds, as well as taking part in insuring proper use of funds by privatization investment funds before they return state;
  3. safekeeping before redemption of certificated securities of privatized entities;
  4. recording ownership rights of the government on certificated and uncertificated securities;
  5. maintaining correspondent account of the second level depositories;
  6. confirming availability and authenticity of securities of participants of on-exchange and OTC transactions before trading;
  7. ensuring delivery of securities sold by participants of on-exchange and OTC transactions;
  8. safekeeping documents, confirming issuance and circulation of certificated and uncertificated securities;
  9. keeping records in Republic of Uzbekistan of securities issued by non-resident, and securities issued on foreign stock exchanges by residents of Republic of Uzbekistan;
  10. gathering and systematizing of information about securities movement in the depository system.

Cooperation within Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depositories Group (ACG)
Cooperation with ACG began right after establishment of the CSD in 1999. In 2001 on the 5th ACG meeting CSD became member of the Group. Every year our representatives participate in the Group’s meetings and activities of the working groups. In 2005 CSD became a member of the New Business Initiative working group, which main task is to establish the most promising directions for depository services development.

Cooperation within the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD)
In 2001 CSD initiated a meeting of CSDs of CIS countries in Tashkent. During the meeting it was decided to set up AECSD. In 2004 during the first constituent conference the charter of the AECSD was approved. At the moment AECSD carried out some work to establish requirements for mandatory and supplementary CSD functions and to unify settlement and custody systems. CSD actively participates in the activities of working groups on correspondent relations and development and support of AECSD web-site.