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National Settlement Depository (NSD)

Postal address 12, Spartakovskaya St., Moscow, 105066, Russia
Tel. +7 495 234-48-27
Fax +7 495 956-09-38

Foundation date June 27, 1996

  • The central securities depository status was assigned to NSD by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Services’ Order №12-2761/PZ-I dated 6 November 2012.
  • Certificate of State Registration of Credit Organization issued on June 27, 1996 by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • Certificate of record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the legal entity registered before July 1, 2002, issued on August 30, 2002 by the Moscow Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 39 of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Taxes and Levies.
  • Certificate of Registration of a Payment System Operator, Registration No. 0014 issued by the Bank of Russia on 24 November, 2016.
  • License No. 3294 for bank operations issued by the Bank of Russia on 4 August 2016.
  • License No. 045-12042-000100 of the professional securities market participant for depository operations issued by the FFMS of Russia on February 19, 2009. The license is unlimited.
  • License No. 045-00004-000010 for the clearing activity issued by the FFMS of Russia on December 20, 2012. The license is unlimited.
  • License LSZ No. 0009523, Registration No. 13169 Н, to provide data encryption services, issued by the Centre for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia. The license is perpetual.
  • The license No. 045-01 for the repository activity was issued by the Bank of Russia on 28 December, 2016.

NSD’s Documents and Licenses

Securities Regulation of the Russian securities market is based on the below laws and regulations:

  • The Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 39-FZ “On the Securities Market,” dated 22 April 1996.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies,” dated 6 December 1995.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 46-FZ “On the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Investors in the Securities Market,” dated 18 February 1999.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 395-1 “On Banks and Banking Activity,” dated 2 December 1990.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 115-FZ “On Countering the Legalisation of Illegal Earnings (Money Laundering) and the Financing of Terrorism,” dated 7 August 2001.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 135-FZ “On competition,” dated 26 July 2006.
  • Russian Federal Law No. 414-FZ “On the Central Securities Depository,” dated 7 December 2011.
  • Bank of Russia Regulation No. 503-P “On the Procedure for Opening and Managing Depo Accounts and Other Accounts by Depositaries,”  dated 13 November 2015.
  • Bank of Russia Regulation No. 542-P “On Requirements to the Performance of Depositary Activity During the Formation of Records on the Grounds of the Documents That Relate to Conducting Depositary Accounting, As Well As the Documents Connected with the Accounting and Transition of Rights to Securities, and During the Storage of the Specified Documents,” 13 May 2016.
  • FSFM Regulation No. 11-8/pz-n “On the Endorsement of the Regulations on the Particularities of the Circulation and the Accountancy of the Rights to the Securities Intended for Qualified Investors, and Foreign Securities,” dated 5 April 2011.
  • FSFM Regulation No. 09-33 “On Maintaining the Register of Owners of Registered Securities,” dated 13 August 2009.
  • Bank of Russia Regulation No. 4104-U “On Types of Agreements Concluded Not in the Organised Trading, the Information on Which Shall Be Provided to a Repository, on Persons Providing the Information on Such Agreements to a Repository, on the Procedure, the Composition, the Form and the Terms for Provision of Information to a Repository by Them, on Additional Requirements for the Procedure of Keeping of Register of Agreements by a Repository, on Procedure and Terms for Provision of Information by a Repository and on the Procedure, the Composition, the Form and the Terms for Provision of a Register of Agreements to the Bank of Russia by a Repository,” dated 16 August 2016.

Eddie Astanin, Chairman of the Executive Board of National Settlement Depository


1984 – Mozhaisky Military Engineering Institute (Leningrad)
1992 - Candidate of Technical Sciences
1996 – Institute for Further Training and Qualification Upgrade in Finance and Banking at the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Experience and achievements:

Mr. Astanin has more than 20-year experience in the financial services industry. As a head of NSD he took part in creating Russia’s central securities depository, providing ICSDs (Euroclear and Clearstream) access to the local market and implementation of a scale reform of the corporate actions system.

Under his leadership, NSD was recognized by the Bank of Russia as a systemically important central securities depository, a systemically important settlement depository, and a systemically important repository, also the NSD Payment System was assigned the status of a systemically and nationally important system. Mr. Astanin is actively involved in building global financial infrastructure on behalf of Russia, as its first representative on SWIFT’s Board of Directors.

1.Number of legal entities entered in the share register36
2.Information on legal entities exercising significant influence (whether direct or indirect) on decisions made by NSD management bodies due to their majority stakeMoscow Exchange (share in NSD Charter Capital – more than 99%)


    • Safekeeping
    • Settlement of on-exchange and OTC transactions (FOP,  DVP)
    • Corporate actions
    • Tax agentservices
    • Issuer Services


    • Consolidated and verified information about securities, corporate actions, instrumentsand codes: ISIN, CFI, LEI
    • Valuation center


    • Cash settlement services
    • FX services
    • Authorized currency control
    • Cash accounts maintenance


    • Collateral management (tri-party services)and cash and securities netting


    • Registration of OTC derivative and REPO trades


    • SWIFT Service Bureau
    • Connectivity
    • IT outsourcing


    • NNA in Russia andSubstituteNA for the CIS countries
    • Local Operating Unit (LOU) for the Russian market (LEI assignment and verification)

International integration is one of the key development areas for NSD. The efforts taken over the years can be classified into three main types:

  1. building relationships with the international financial community;
  2. implementing international standards;
  3. running a specialpurpose campaign to inform the global investment community about the new Russian market infrastructure configuration.

The success achieved by NSD in the international arena is acknowledged by FTSE Global Markets magazine that named NSD among twenty most influential global financial market players in 2013.

Rule 17f-7
Memorandums of Understanding (MoU)
Membership of NSD in other organizations