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The Platform Finuslugi and NSD’s Transit 2.0 Service Are FINAWARD’21 Winners

On 26 August 2021, the XI Annual Award in the Field of Innovations and Achievements in the Financial Services Sector, FINAWARD’21, sponsored by the Bankovskoye Obozrenie (Banking Review) magazine announced its winners. Moscow Exchange Group’s projects were awarded in two categories.

The personal finance platform Finuslugi won in the category “A Solution for a B2C Marketplace or Ecosystem”.

Igor Alutin, Managing Director of the Moscow Exchange’s Finuslugi project:

“The award is a recognition of what we have achieved in less than one year since the launch of Finuslugi. We were the first in Russia to offer a unique service that enables clients to open bank deposit accounts, purchase insurance policies, and choose the best loan terms and conditions. The traffic to our platform is gaining a considerable momentum. I am proud of the team that has made this in such a short time, especially during the challenging pandemic period that has forced people to switch to fully remote work. The next goals for Finuslugi are to expand the product offering and to add more content to the platform.”

Finuslugi is the first financial platform launched as part of the Bank of Russia’s Marketplace project. Through the platform, Russian nationals may choose and open deposit accounts with a variety of banks and purchase OSAGO vehicle insurance policies or other financial products across the country, on a 24/7 basis, remotely, without the need to visit brick-and-mortar offices. The platform’s important mission is to make financial services more accessible. Finuslugi offers an opportunity to make a bank deposit at the interest rate of up to 8% per annum.

The project Transit 2.0 of National Settlement Depository (NSD), a member of the Moscow Exchange Group, received the award in the non-competition program of FINAWARD’21.

Viktor Zhidkov, Chairman of NSD’s Executive Board:

“The recognition of the product by the professional community proves its success in the market. The FINAWARD received by the Transit 2.0 platform is a proof of its relevance and timeliness. Transit 2.0 is valued by market leaders for its reliability, convenience, and customized approach to each client. That is why in scaling-up our product we, first and foremost, give ear to our partners.”

Transit 2.0 is a multibanking IT platform designed to automate payments between corporations and banks. The platform helps harmonize and standardize interactions between its users, making such interactions more effective and secure. In 2021, a light version of Transit 2.0 was launched, which is accessible to a wider range of clients thanks to simpler integration and installation. A new functionality of forex transfers and foreign exchange control was implemented on the platform. The platform is integrated with the Bank of Russia’s Financial Messaging System (SPFS) and SWIFT. As of late April 2021, the Transit 2.0 platform was used by 33 clients: 22 corporations and 11 banks (including 8 systemically important banks).

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