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2014 AECSD Members’ Key Operating Results

Operating indicators

In 2014, a total value of securities on deposit with central securities depositories that joined AECSD exceeded US$0.6 trillion including:

  • securities – 48%
  • debt securities (governmental, municipal and corporate securities) – 41%
  • foreign securities – 6%
  • other types of securities – 4%

The total number of inventory operations of all AECSD members exceeded 3.1 million; these operations’ value was more than US$5 trillion.

General information

AECSD member depositories accept a wide range of financial instruments for deposit. All CSDs conduct operations with shares and governmental debt securities. In the markets where a CSD does not hold operations with governmental securities, these functions are fulfilled by a local central bank.

6 of 10 AECSD members fulfil the functions of a national numbering agency in their markets and assign ISINs to securities.

Three central securities depositories that joined AECSD are owned by the State; three other CSDs are controlled by local exchanges, and two CSDs are owned by private shareholders. The remaining CSDs have a mixed proprietary form. 

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