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AECSD regional meeting took place on the sidelines of WFC 2017 in Hong Kong

On 14 November AECSD regional meeting was held on the sidelines of the World Forum of CSDs (WFC) international conference WFC2017 in Hong Kong.

Representatives of different CSDs including MKK (Turkey), KSD (Republic of Korea), NSDL and CDSL (India), KACD (Kazakhstan), NSD (Russia) and also INFINITUM Asset Services, AECSD observer, attended the meeting.

The meeting participants discussed the results of international conferences and seminars organized within the AECSD framework in 2017, as well as their plans for 2018 including preparation for Annual AECSD Conference and Annual General Meeting that will be held in October 2018 in Uzbekistan.

At the meeting, a special attention was focused on electronic services. MKK gave a presentation on its Public Disclosure Platform electronic service and electronic general meeting (e-gem). NSD announced e-learning startup as one of the international WFC initiatives and invited the colleagues to begin active usage of the resource for exchange of information about products and services offered by CSDs involved into AECSD and other regional associations.

In terms of AECSD working plans discussion, NSD brought up information about the experience of International Consulting Committee (ICC) creation and its activities. ICC members’ expert analysis helps NSD in defining areas for development and setting up priorities while coping with the most pressing challenges related to Russian post-trading infrastructure and contributes to the conditioning of foreign investors’ access to the Russian securities market. ICC is composed of the competent representatives of ICSDs, global custodians, banks and brokers. An opportunity to establish co-operation with ICC and obtain its consultancy support caused intense interest of the meeting participants.

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