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AECSD Publishes Updated Profile

National Settlement Depository and the members of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD) would like to announce the updated profile of the AECSD. The new profile provides information about the association, its goals, strategy and working groups, as well as development prospects. The profile also contains information about stock markets and infrastructures of the countries of AECSD members, including the Turkish CSD and two CSDs of India which joined the Association in 2015. The updated profile includes key market indicators: market capitalization, average daily turnovers in financial markets, the number of issuers of shares listed oin stock markets, traded financial instruments, countries’ credit ratings, key market participants, settlement cycles, etc.

The profile also includes the up-to-date information about the settlement infrastructure environment in 2015 and performance indicators of these countries’ settlement institutions. The AECSD profile represents a unique document containing not only general information on each country’s stock market specifics but also describes disclosure requirements, the implementation of the nominee concept, the corporate actions processing and taxation systems for local and international investors.

The AECSD profile is designed for professional market participants and non-professional investors; it is available in English in the pdf format and is published on the Association’s website in the Information Materials section.

Please send your feedback about the profile to the AECSD Secretariat at

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