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III International Conference of Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories

19-20 October, 2006
Kishenev (Moldova)

Date: 19.10.2006

Time Title of the report and information about the speaker Reports
- 1st Day (Open meeting) - hotel Jolly Alon
9:00 – 9:15 Registration
Igor Dodon - Minister of Economy and Trade 
Opening Remarks
- Gennady Chobanu - Member of the National Securities Commission
- John Falk - Director Securities Market Infrastructures, SWIFT
Denis Solovyov - Deputy Director, The National Depository Center (Russia)
EDI between CSDs, clients and counterparties
- Coffee
Valentina Timoshenko - Director RUE "Republican Central Securities Depository" (Belarus)
On Depository System of the Republic of Belarus. On EDI Use
12:40 – 14:40 Lunch
Bahtiyar Azizov - President of the National Depository Center (Azerbaijan)
The Main Directions of Securities Market Development in Azerbaijan 
Suleyman Seyfulla - Head of Analytical Information of the National Depository Center (Azerbaijan)
Branch Network of the National Depository Center. Working Results
- Nikolay Shvetsov - Chairman of the Board, Interregional Stock Union
- Vladimir Biryuk - Head of the Temporary Research Group of the Central Depository of the Republic of Belarus
16:00 – 16:20 Coffee
16:20 – 21:30 Excursion and Dinner 

Date: 20.10.2006

Time Title of the report and information about the speaker Reports
- 2nd Day - Working meeting of the Association's members - hotel Flowers