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"Settlement center" PJSC

Postal address 7-G Tropinina Str., 04107 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +38 044 585-42-40
Fax +38 044 585-42-40

Foundation date 14 May 2008

On October 12th, 2009 Ukrainian Securities Depository (AUSD), since April 2013 operating as Settlement Center JSC, as a legal successor to Interregional Securities Union OJSC (IRSU), the depository founded in 1997, took up the latter’s rights and liabilities and began providing depository, settlement and clearing services to IRSU's clients. The nominal value of depository assets transferred by IRSU to AUSD amounted to US$ 46 billion (including US$ 41 million denominated in foreign currency).

AUSD operates under a license to engage in professional activities on the stock market – depository operations of a securities depository, series AB 498004, valid for the period 5/27/2009 through 5/27/2019 and a license to engage in professional activities on the stock market - clearing and settlement operations, series АВ 498005, valid for the period 6/3/2009 through 6/3/2019 granted by State Securities and Stock Market Commission.

AUSD has also obtained AUSD a license on applying encryptic protection of information and rendering encryptic protection of information, series AB 483425, valid for the period 9/12/2009 – 9/12/2014 from the State Special Communications Authority.

Dmytro Chugaievskyi
Chairman of the Management Board

Ukrainian Securities Depository is a private joint stock company with UAH153.1 million authorized capital (an equivalent of US$19 million).

  • The biggest shareholder of AUSD is the National Bank of Ukraine (22.86%). Other shareholders' stakes do not exceed 5% of the AUSD authorized capital,
  • Among these shareholders are staete and commercial banks (they jointly own 53.48% stake in AUSD),
  • financial and investment companies - broker/dealers (14.92%),
  • stock exchanges (8.52%),
  • and several other organizations (0.22%).

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest governing body of AUSD.

The AUSD Supervisory Board controls and regulates the activities of the Management Board in-between general meetings of shareholders. The Auditing Committee performs audit of the company's financial operations.

The Participants Council is the Supervisory Board's consultative body representing interests of the depository's participants (customers) and coordinating depository and clearing operations as well as AUSD's interaction with customers. The Council includes professional securities market participants (legal entities) that use AUSD's depository services.

The Management Board is authorized to supervise day-to-day operations.

Services provided to issuers:

  • servicing global operations related to securities issue: depositing/replacement/redemption of a global or temporary global certificate, depositing/writing-off of securities under a global certificate, provision of a registered securities owners list, dividend and interest income distribution and payment, bonds redemption, provision of information to custodians about issuer's corporate actions, transfer of securities issues from documentary to non-documentry form (de-materialization) and vice versa, reflection in the depository system of corporate actions of issuers (restructuring, merger, denomination, consolidation etc);
  • servicing operations related to holdings of securities: transfer of securities to owners' accounts at custodians' accounts (including those under registers of matched orders received from trade organizers), repurchase of securities by the issuer.

Services Provided to Custodians:

  • Free delivery (receipt) of securities, securities' delivery (receipt) versus payment;
  • Settlement of securities trades under registers of matched orders received from trade organizers:
    • Without securities pre-depositing (quote-driven market) with or without cash settlement,
    • With securities pre-depsoiting (order-driven market) with or without cash funds pre-depositing;
  • Depositing of immobilized securities when the depository is registered as a nominee holder, securities writing-off due to their materialization;
  • Securities' blocking, unblocking or writing-off from custodians' securities accounts in order to ensure refinancing of commercial banks (custodians or custodians' clients) by the National Bank of Ukraine or interbank lending with corporate securities serviced by AUSD as a pledge;
  • Transfer of securities to custodian's account during IPOs;
  • Services of a nominee holder and storage of databases and documents of custodians under liquidation.

Services provided to registrars and issuers of documentary securities:

  • Provision of owner’s registers regarding securities immobilized with AUSD

Services provided to depositors of custodians which suspended their operations:

  • Securities writing-off for further crediting of securities to other custodian's account.

Services provided to correspondent depositories:

  • Securities depositing and writing-off with/without cash settlement;
  • Transfer of securities from one balance account to another.

AUSD is a member of S.W.I.F.T.

AUSD opened a securities account to Central Depository of Funds (Russia).

AUSD is a full member of European Central Securities Depositories Association (ECSDA) and Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD).