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About Association

The Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD) unites the Central Securities Depositories of the CIS countries. The Association's mission is to develop and enhance depository operations, create a common depository "environment", and integrate the CSDs of the CIS countries into the global securities settlement system.

The start of the AECSD activities was in 2001, when its members gathered in Tashkent for the first international seminar, "Integration of Depository Systems as the Basis for Efficient Interaction on International Securities Markets". At the event, the securities industry members were able for the first time to discuss freely the matters relating to the interaction among the CSDs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The delegates noted the long term need to establish cooperation between organizations, unite their efforts to improve and harmonize legislation on the securities market, and find efficient means of cooperation between stock markets in general.

Later on, such seminars were held on an annual basis. The 2002 conference was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the 2003 event took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. During those seminars representatives of CSDs of CIS countries shared their experiences and opinions on relevant issues. Every year the scale of those events increased and international conference on issues of CSDs cooperation in CIS countries which was held in 2004 in Moscow became a turning point for those meetings. The conference showed that despite different levels of development of stock markets in CIS countries, certain legislative and technological peculiarities, the market integration is at issue, that there is real interest in harmonization of legislation of friendly countries, establishing interdepository relations. An important outcome of the Fourth Conference was the decision passed by its participants to formally register the Association.

On 22 December 2004 I (Constituent) Conference of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories took place in Moscow, Russia. Not-for-Profit Partnership “The National Depository Center” and Depositary-Clearing Company were the conference organizers. The main goal of the conference was to sign the Resolution on establishment of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories, as well as development of its governing bodies and work plans.

The Association members are Association founders, as well as members that joined AECSD in accordance with the article 5 of the Resolution.

Association founders:

  1. Depository Clearing Company (Russian Federation),
  2. State CSD of Uzbekistan Republic,
  3. National Depository of Ukraine,
  4. National Securities Depository of Moldova,
  5. National Depository of Azerbaijan,
  6. National Depository Center (Russian Federation),
  7. Republican Central Securities Depository (Republic of Belarus),
  8. Georgian Central Securities Depository,
  9. Central Securities Depository (Kazakhstan),
  10. Central Depository (Kyrgyzstan).

During II AECSD conference held in Moscow in October 2005 Central Depository of Armenia became the Association member.

During V AECSD conference held in Almaty in October 2008 The National Depository of the Republic of Uzbekistan "VAQT" gained observer status in the Association